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About ESS

At Expert Sourcing Solutions, we are here to simplify your Expert retention experience, providing steadfast support and expertise every step of the way. In addition to providing Independent Medical Exams, Medical Record Reviews and Experts for witness testimony, we also offer Record Sorting Services and Chronology Services.

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Central to our operations is maintaining close and direct contact with our Experts, effectively eliminating any miscommunications with front office staff. This direct and seamless communication streamlines the entire process, ensuring unparalleled collaboration and delivering effective outcomes.


Rest assured that Expert Sourcing Solutions maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements regarding confidential case material and protected health information. Throughout the process, all records, documents, and imaging are securely handled and appropriately disposed of upon resolution.

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We recognizing the challenges of reaching an Expert at any time necessary; therefore, our dedicated team prioritizes you, the client, in ensuring immediate availability to address questions, provide information, and facilitate the expert witness process whenever needed.

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